Gym membership Expensive, why not come-3We have lots of Zumba , KSFL, Fitness Pilates, sessions Kettle Bells, Zumbabells, Nordic walking, Hiit, diet and exercise advice. Pay now. running throughout the week, see our timetable click here.

Only £35 per month and come to unlimited classes.

come to unlimited classes for only £35 per month and enjoy the benefits of not having to worry about bring cash to class join our VIP membership ask for details Sessions

What is it?

A monthly membership allows customers to attend  unlimited Zumba classes and other classes on offer Who is it for? All Zumba/ Kettlebell, , Fitsteps, Nordic Walking,  enthusiasts and those wanting to get fit. People who are serious about losing weight using Zumba classes/ Pilates, Nordic walking, Kettlebells,Fitsteps, Burlesque People who wish to take more than two classes in a week People who do not wish to sign lengthy contracts

 How do I buy one?

Memberships are available to buy  see me in class

It is very simple. At the registration desk you will present your your name will be signed off the register and you will sign is as normal

As you are a VIP member, you will get priority entry to classes as long as you are there 5 minutes before the start. How much do they cost? Adults (16 +) £35.00

Pay first month by a cheque or cash for first month. Then we will set up a STO,  so please bring along bank details, with you.

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