Personal training with me,

Personal training with me, and lose that Fat around the middle.
Regardless of your goal, it is important that you make positive changes to both your exercise regime and your diet. This will not only help you achieve your goals more effectively but also help you maintain a healthy and long life.

Changing anything in life is never “easy” – least of all your dietary and lifestyle habits! It is however, vital, if you are to reach peak condition and peak health. Diet and nutrition is the cornerstone of optimal physical and mental functioning. Dietary changes become increasingly important when managing chronic health problems, when aiming to reach an ideal weight or body composition, or when wanting to find vibrant energy.

An initial consultation is set up to ascertain health, performance and nutritional goals, as well as gather necessary case details.with discussion of how to meet set goals, and achieve optimal health, and performance via proposed dietary change.

Topics covered include:

  • Basics of good nutrition – The roles of CHOs (including understanding the GI, “slow” versus “fast” release CHOs, whole food versus processed), proteins and fats (essential versus non, processed versus “natural” sources, healthy fats etc.), and practical food ideas of each. Problems surrounding excess sugars and refined foods.
  • Digestion – understanding role and function of the gut, good digestion, problems and solutions.
  • Our relationships with food – emotional eating vs. “functional” eating, link between low self-esteem, poor body image and poor dietary habits – tips and solutions to boost self-confidence/self-worth, and overcome any negative behavioural patterns around food/exercise.
  • Travel and holiday tips, travel
  • Kitchen, cooking and culinary tips – use of herbs, spices, healthy oils, kitchen de-cluttering and detoxing!
  • Healthy detoxification and common digestive complaints

included in the course is full access to my 28 day diet plan and workouts, as well as one-one sessions, homework and advice by phone, email and in person, Results speak for themselves

All   Your package includes FREE:

  • Health Assessments
  • Registration and access to
    the Online Support Facility
  • E-Books
  • Health Advice
  • Weight Loss

    Whether you have a short term goal of being slimmer for your holiday or a long term goal of improving your general health by reducing your body fat and controlling your weight, we can help. ‘Achieving your goal’ is important to us. At the initial consultation, we will not only identity your needs but also consider your lifestyle and current state of health in agreeing SMART Goals. At Workout at Home we also recognise that it is important to consider your nutrition and we therefore provide you with a free resource facility on nutrition and have also teamed up with one of the UK’s leading nutritionists. PLEASE PAY ONLINE OR EMAIL ME ON

  See what some of my ladies have to say!

Julie Woods says “ Esther’s Holiday Kick Start Plan is amazing! I have followed many diets over the years, but this one, without doubt, is the best one so far. As I’ve got older, I have struggled to lose weight, but this plan is working wonders. The weight & inches are falling off me & I can’t believe the transformation in my shape after only 3 weeks on the plan. I recommend it to everyone.”
Carol Costello says “Esther’s Holiday Kick Start Plan is fantastic ! I can honestly say that this is the only diet where I haven’t felt hungry inbetween meals so easy to follow, no cravings for the rubbish I would normally eat and I’m only on day 6 not bad for a former Chocoholic !! Feeling lighter already !”
Jasmine Alvis ” Yes, my weight also crept back after Esther left RC. I tried WW for w while but found the points system fiddly, though I DID lose half a stone with them. yesterday,  I had beef stew cooked in coconut milk and veggy and for dinner I had chicken shsh kebab with lots of salad minus pitta bread. YES we CAN build our eating around the diet. GOOD LUCK everyone:-)”
    • Kim Lee “Thanks for your encouragement Julie and Jasmine–wow you ladies in your 5th week!!! Great job! I was atending Esther’s RC when living in New Southgate. Yes 3 cheers for Esther–such a great lady! She helped me to slim down for my son’s wedding in 2009…..and moving back to HK with all the yummy food around weight slowly crept up on me again! ;) “now 

      At start.

       Four weeks with me,

      I can come to you at your home, place of work, Park

      Call for bigger groups, and different session options 07958768083 or click here


      1 Session 1 person    £35

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      4 Sessions for 1 people £ 100

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