Evening Beginners Boot Camp

Starts July/ August Boot Camp meet a Oak hill Park East Barnet EN5 8 JS Monday & Wednesday 7.30pm- 8.30pm
Would you love a Personal Trainer?, but it is just out of your reach, I have just what you need, Small Group Fitness Sessions
Would you like to work as part of a small fitness group but still get the expert guidance of a personal trainer? You can book together with friends, family, workmates and/or partners to keep the motivation and encouragement of the group fitness environment but still have the sessions personalised and expertly guided to meet your goals. Maybe you’re going on a holiday? Or getting married and would like to work out, just had a baby and need to shift that extra weight.
This great outdoor session gives you a full body workout, helps maximise your fitness levels, and weight loss, improves body shape and increases you body’s fat burning capacity. Come wind, rain, hail, sun or snow we’re there   to Book Click Here

join us Monday  and Wednesday from 24th of July

10 sessions for £60   Monday 24th,  & 31st Wednesday 26th July

August Wednesday 2nd,  Monday 7th, Wednesday 9th, Monday 14th, Wednesday 16th, Monday 23rd Wednesday 25th,

pay now to secure your place. Click here    

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Contact us.

We would love to hear from you! we will get in touch with you shortly. or call me 0n 07958 768083
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