Online workouts

9f388e4d-a475-4907-bd86-d00e43acd5d0Here are a few workouts to keep you on track. click links for the workout you would like to do

 only £12 for full access, FREE to VIP members see here for more info
  1. Body bars Click here.
  2. Fitness Pilates Click here
  3. Kettle Bells Click here
  4. Balls and Bells Click here
  5. 9 Workout Mega Surprise  Click here
  6. Full Work out click here
  7. Full Workout Challenge Click here
  8. Mega workout 2 Click here


if you are a monthly payer please email me on and I will give you the codes to access the all pages with lots of fun filled workouts FREE.

If you pay as you go please make a payment for full access all pages only £12

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Contact us.

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