How Kettlebells, helps in the fight against  Osteoporosis,

For those that don’t know much about this disease,  let me explain a bit about it in simplistic terms.

Osteoporosis or ‘porous bone’ as it can also be referred to is characterised by either structural deterioration of bone tissue or general low bone mass.This generally means that a person with the disease is more susceptible to fractures with the hip, spine and wrist being the most common but not limited to these. It’s called a ‘silent’ disease because a person doesn’t know they have it until a bone breaks or fracturesYou see you can’t tell that your bones are getting weaker over time. Unfortunately ladies, it is predominantly a female disease with over 80% of all cases being diagnosed in females. It’s not that great for men either as rates of the disease does increase similar to women as they get older. The other bad news is that women tend to underestimate their susceptibility to it and rate it secondary to other diseases. Interestingly postmenopausal women are at a high risk which makes sense as the body is going through a large hormonal change at this time. Also within this demographic it has been shown that osteoporosis is usually secondary to another condition in approx. 30% of all cases. Calcium disorders and vitamin D deficiency were found to be prevalent in these cases. So the question arises, should you be making sure you  get optimum calcium and vitamin D in your daily diet?  Of course you should.  So let’s look closer at these two nutrients. Calcium National surveys show that the average calcium intake is far below that recommended for optimum bone health in women with 50+ age bracket typically consuming less than 50% of the RDA.Increasing dietary calcium is a first line defence with good sources coming from none and low fat diary. Other good sources are dried beans, sardines and broccoli (you’ve got to eat some greens folks).Note: 1 serving of Liberate Breakfast Smoothie mixed with skimmed milk contains 50% of the RDA of calcium.Vitamin DNow vitamin D plays a key role in the efficient absorption of guess what?  Yes calcium.So even if you’re taking the right amount of calcium but Vitamin D level is low you’re not going to effectively use the calcium.Here’s another interesting bit of news.Vitamin D deficiency is at what they call epidemic proportions!!!! That means it’s bad with 70% of post-menopausal women and 90% of the elder generation deficient.  Increased consumption of Vitamin D has been shown to have many positive effects not limited to  increased calcium absorption which will go into in another article. Note: A single serving of Breakfast Smoothie contains 100% of the RDA of Vitamin D.Lastly I want to talk about exercise and its role in managing osteoporosis.  Now the type of exercise that is recommended by the medical community is classed as ‘weight bearing’ i.e. lifting a weight for repeated efforts… probably know where I’m going with this!!  Nowhere’s where I want to clear what can be a bit of confusion sometimes with regards to weight bearing exercise.  People tend to believe its recommended because of its ability to increase bone density significantly within an individual….actually this is incorrectAlthough exercise can improve this condition, the actual amount it does so is quite small. So the main benefit for osteoporosis suffers is decreased risk of falling and causing fractures due to much greater strength to support the body with improved mobility and balance 

It seems that one of the best forms of exercise combines a wide range of movements through many joint angles, an aerobic content with a moderate intensity over a longer duration. Can any of you think of an exercise routine that fits that description………………Kettlebells and my Kettlebells and zumba mix is great come and try it.


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