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  No Complicated workouts.  Class starting at St Peters Church hall at 10.45-11.30am  Thursdays,   and New for June  Click here
What are the main benefits associated with Pilates?
Of course every sport or exercise has its advantages to the body. However, each activity has its own benefit and Pilates is no different. Pilates perhaps isn’t the most strenuous form of activity, yet this doesn’t mean its effects upon the body are not as profound, quite the opposite in fact!

One of the main differences you will see from Pilates exercises is an improvement in posture. Pilates aids you in standing up straighter and lengthening your spine, this simple alteration will make you appear 5-10 pounds thinner, as well as taller and of course more confident. Furthermore, the stretches are dynamic whilst strengthen your muscles at the same time. For example, a single straight leg stretch uses both the abdominals and hamstrings, which enhances the muscle strength in both areas of the body.

More than anything else, Pilates enhances your core strength (perhaps more than any other part of the body), so whilst you perform every exercise your abdominals are always engaged, even if the activity focuses mainly on the back or even legs. This means that over time your stomach will become flat, and yes – you will have ‘abs of steel!’

It is also proven that Pilates alleviates lower back pain, this is because the muscles surrounding your spine become strengthened and support the bone structure.If you suffer with back pain, like so many of us do, then Pilates is definitely the exercise programme for you.

Rather than a boring, strenuous exercise such as jogging, Pilates incorporates mats, balls, rings and bands. These components are exciting to use but also offer a big challenge for your muscles. Relating to this, the excitement and focus that comes with Pilates helps to ease your mind, to become de-stressed and relaxed.




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