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only £35 including unlimited classes for 4 weeks

Have you been sitting on the fence regarding joining one of my programmes, or my online plan?

Well come and join 4 weeks nutrition & workout.

Kick Start Fat Loss Diet Plan

Vegetarian  & Pesceterian versions catered for.

Daily Workouts Motivation

Join us only £35 including FREE detox booklet 

plus unlimited classes.

Starting with a ‘detox’ is probably throwing ourselves in at the deep end, but for most it’s been the quickest, easiest way to start.

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Begin the 10day programme right away as soon as you sign up you gain full access to the
shopping lists, meal planners, support tutorials and daily workouts & audios from Rachel Holmes

10 Home WORKOUTS including Total Beginners Workouts to Advanced Hard Core

10 Minute Workouts to choose from every day

HIIT, Skipping, Fitness Pilates, Kettlebells, Body Toning, Abs & Core Workouts


NEW 10minute KSFL™ HIIT Workouts, Fitness Pilates & Lighter beginner workouts for your
to Complete PLUS Daily audios and affirmations to revolutionise your body, mind and soul.

Want to Get Involved and look your very best in 10 days? JUMP IN and see for yourself.

KSFL is not a faddy diet plan, its a clean and nutritious diet plan devised and created by Rachel
Holmes, International Fitness Educator and Presenter

How does it work?

The Anytime Kick start Fat Loss Programmes are available online at any time. You don’t have to
wait for a group to start and you can work though the information on your own.

When you sign up we all work in a secret facebook group where you can interact with me
through the day. I provide you with all the support, information and coaching. I post your daily diets with
meal ideas, recipe, shopping lists, plus daily home workouts that are totally suitable for beginners.
You won’t need any special equipment or lots of room. You will also get daily audios and motivation and tons of
information on exactly how Kick Start Fat Loss Works and in 10 days you will see amazing results.

Want to Get Involved?

KSFL is not a faddy diet plan, it’s a clean and nutritious diet plan devised and created by
Rachel Holmes, International Fitness Educator and Presenter – beware of copycat plans delivered by
unqualified individuals.

Have you tried everything?

Are you confused with all of the conflicting information on dieting and fatloss?

Can you give this everything for 10 days?

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